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just finished watching this awesome video all about roughcaster in Aberdeen I amkeen to know what you think about rough casting

UK Rough Casting Specialists

Rough casting can really help protect your building from the elements – thats why they do it I suppose. The weather can be stopped in its tracks from doing any damage by this exterior rendering. 

Some people think it looks great, other people find it common. I suppose that comes down to personal taste. My thoughts on it are that I like it. Although the colour of the stones does make all the difference. Its amazing to see how a different colour chip can have one home looking lovely, and another property can look awfully unpleasent. 

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UK plumbing in an emergency

What to do when you have a leaking pipe at 3am?

Come on, this must be every home owners absolute nightmare – to wake up in the middle of the night to find leaking ceilings and puddles of water on your floor. I know that its my nightmare. In fact it has happened to me before, and I needed to call an emergency plumber in Glasgow

What to do in a situation like that is a fair one. Panic is  the first thing to cross your mind, I can tell you from experience.  But that is not productive, and does nothing for your gathering pool of water.

The smart move would be to call a plumber as soon as possible With hindsight I wish that I had done this sooner. If I could do it all over again I would visit and look up my home area and contact the plumber. I didn’t, but I would if it happened again.


Things to check that do not need a plumber.

Is the water rain water, or does it come from a pipe? Obviously, if its not raining then it is unlikely to be rain water you are dealing with. Best thing to do is to look out of the window as a first check.UK plumbing in an emergency

If its a pipe leaking then turn off the water to your home using the mains stopcock. Remember that by turning that stopcock off, it does not magically empty your pipes. You may well find that the dripping/pouring continues for a while afterwards (although pouring should stop pretty soon, dripping can last a while longer.

Do yourself a favor and try and catch what water you can, be it in a bucket or otherwise. If you do not then you are only going to increase the size of the repair bill.

Things you will need in a plumbing emergency

A knowledge of where your mains stopcock is

A bucket or other water receptacle of some description.

A willingness to get a little wet

A willingness to get a little dirty (sometimes the leak is from waste pipes….